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Why Website Is Important

The website is an online presence of your business and service. Likewise, in an offline medium, You have a shop same as in online platform you have a website to represent you and our business. So the website is something that represents your business in an online platform. Or you can say that a website is a first sales and marketing tools for your business.

Website designing is an art of capturing the customer with an innovative and creative way and a good website designer should know how to attract their customer. Website designing is a process of analysis where we find out the requirements of the customer, target area, structure and purpose of the website.

The Process of website analysis in peacock outsourcing includes :

  • The theme of the website
  • Structure of the website
  • The functionality of the website
  • Colour of website
  • Pages of website
  • Background of the website

The variety of services that we provide are:

  • Graphic web designing service
  • Dynamic web designing service
  • Static web designing service
  • Responsive web designing service
  • Custom web designing service
  • Template web designing service
  • Web portal web designing service
  • Custom template web designing service

Our website designing team have years of experience to design a user-friendly website for desktop and mobile user. We are having amongst the most experienced web development team of India. As we have a separate team of coding, testing, developing, designing etc. Our team of website developer is always updated with latest market tools and plugins for the website.

Why select Peacock Design Solutions:

  • Operating Cost Reduce
  • Risk Factor Reduce
  • Time Save
  • Project manage with less cost
  • Return on investment will boost thereby increase profit rate
  • With better economic sense run your business
  • High-quality service avails
  • Best avail of the operational expertise
  • Evade tension of hiring a full team
  • No, spend on infrastructure
  • Cost saving for long-term
  • Your business growth will increase
  • Your business resource will increase without hiring expensive manpower.

As an outsourced service with providing ample opportunity for your business So that you can get the clients from all over the world. We keep watch on the international requirements and upgrades our resources in order to live up the standards of global arena.


The website developer is expert in the following technology:

  • JAVA
  • .NET
  • ASP
  • JSP
  • HTML
  • XML
  • CSS
  • Codelgniter
  • SharePoint
  • Magento
  • Flash
  • Client-Server Platforms
  • Linux
  • Windows / Android /iOS /Blackberry Platform
  • Open source tools
  • Zend
  • Drupal

Website Designing/development – Peacock Outsourcing Solution:-

Planning and Strategy

When other just focus on website designing. We look to your requirement and plan accordingly. Our team is quite expert they are going to analyse your requirement of the website and then strategies accordingly.

Creative Website Designing

The website is the first impression of your business. So our team should focus on creativity and how to make your website more engaging to your customer.

Website Marketing

The most important part of the business is marketing. Because who does not want to see his website on a google first page because the maximum amount of traffic is there on the front page. So our expertise in search engine optimization and digital marketing team help us to build your website that rank well on leading Google search pages and you perform well on a social media platform.

Website Maintenance

Timely and Regularly maintenance of the website is very important. As the Google algorithm is changed from time to time. So website updating is important. We also providing website maintenance agreement so you’re your website get updated from time to time with the latest content and technology so that your website stays at the top.

UX / Web Design

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An attractive website for your Business creates opportunity to influence people's mindset and help to generate more sales

Digital marketing

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Digital marketing has become vital to any business enterprise and it requires time, expertise and resources


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With digital e-commerce, the product/service establishes a personal connect with the customer

Search Engine

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A Powerful tool that can give you a definitive visibility and help you reach your audience better

Social Media

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Social media management encompasses building your brand, loyalty, customer base and make it easier

Mobile App

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Expand the reach of your business exponentially through niche mobile apps

Our Latest Website Design Work

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