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Video Editing

Engage People By Editing Videos With Peacock Outsourcing Solution

As shooting a video is just one part of a job: editing and packaging a video playing an equally important role. So, for this purpose video editing production house should need a talented video editor and Peacock outsourcing solution is a top outsourcing company that specializes in all types of video editing services.

As the best video outsourcing solution, we take your video to the next level by providing:

Basic Editing - Our basic editing formats include (MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV etc), rearrange footage, unwanted content removes, merge videos and give a professional look to the video.

Enhancement of quality – We add text, subtitles, special effects, music, sound and animations in the videos. These enrich the video and give an appealing look to the video.

Additional Effects – We are editing special effects to the video, by enhancing the video quality and by editing the colour, titles, 3D / 2D effects, sound enhancements etc.

The services that we leverage as a video outsourcing company are:

  • Corporate video editing
  • Wedding videos
  • Real estate videos
  • Client testimonials
  • Events
  • Awarding
  • Portrait
  • Debut
  • Birthday
  • Baptism
  • Christmas Party
  • Sports
  • Video Presentation
  • Explainer Videos
  • Training footage
  • Short films.
  • Educational videos
  • 360 Video editing services
  • Documentaries
  • YouTube videos
  • Holiday visuals

Corporate Video editing services:

Corporate video editing is the professional video editing and its play an important role in every business. As the corporate video editing company, we provide you with the best video editing service to grab the new opportunity.

The services we provide incorporate video editing is:

  • Product Video Editing
  • Conference Video Editing
  • Interview and Training Video Editing
  • Meeting Video Editing
  • Brochure Video Editing

Wedding / Events / Awarding / Birthday / Sports / Christmas Video / Short film Editing includes:

Our wedding video editing services include

  • Drone video editing
  • Go Pro video editing
  • Highlight reel editing

Real estate Video Editing

The real estate video editing services includes:

  • Noise removal video editing
  • Defect removal video editing
  • Colour correction video editing
  • Footage clean-up video editing

360 degree Video Editing

Our services for 360-degree video editing includes:

  • Edit 360-degree video in no time
  • Add titles, transition and sound track
  • Re- edit the videos

Documentaries Video Editing:

Our services of documentaries video editing include:

  • Research and Analysis video editing
  • Superior quality editing
  • High quality video editing

YouTube Video Editing

Our services in YouTube video editing include:

  • Basic video editing
  • Transition and effects
  • Subtitling

Holiday Video Editing

Our holiday video editing service include

  • Removal of background noise
  • Travel show video editing
  • Effects and enrichment

Why to choose peacock outsourcing solution for video editing

Standard Quality:
We provide highly quality video editing service. As expert we will check quality at every standard and provide a standardised video.

Minimum Cost:
As most of the company now a day providing video editing service but We provide standard quality in minimum cost. As the customer satisfaction is must for us. So we provide best video editing quality in a minimum cost.

Risk Removal:
As most of the company worried about their confidential data so their will be a no risk if you are going to outsource the services or you can say that their will be a removal of risk. As we provide best services and deliver the video editing service in time. As our company is certified outsourcing company in India and services across 25 different countries.

Additional Skill:
After the video have been edit the most important part is promotional part. As the good video editing will open the door of wealth and new opportunity.

Latest Tools and Software:
As most of the company is start providing video editing service. But peacock outsourcing solution is different from that as we use the latest technology and software which will take a visual media in another level. Because when videos are design with a customer mind it will leave an image in a mind which will give you a far best rest.

All video format supported:
Our video editing service team is well versatile. They have an expertise is almost all types of video editing form Like wise 3D/2D video, 360 degree videos, animation, visual related video etc.