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Best illustration Services at Your Fingertips:

The Peacock Outsourcing Solution provides highly customized illustration service that provides illustration services to small, medium and large business at a most reasonable price. As we have a team of most professional and talented illustrator you can handle the project in a most creative and innovative way.

Our team uses the latest software technology like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, etc. for a book, cover, magazine and designing of animation, etc. Because we also use 3D/2D illustration services that will grab the need of customers.

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In an illustration, service we provide our clients with the following services:

  • A wide range of book illustration styles to choose from
  • Customized and creative illustration services
  • Committed team for the client
  • Cost-effective solutions

Peacock illustration services cater to a wide range of clients including, publishers, design companies, advertising agencies, universities, corporate houses, and the entertainment industry.

We offer services the following services of illustration:

  • Book Illustration
  • CAD Image Colorization
  • Book Cover Design
  • Digital Cartooning
  • eLearning Illustration
  • Fashion Illustrations
  • Freehand Artistry
  • Medical Illustrations
  • Print Illustrations
  • Product Illustrations
  • Scientific Illustrations
  • Sports Illustrations
  • Sticker Designs
  • Storyboard Illustrations
  • Technical Drawing
  • Vector Image Conversion

Book illustration:

Our book illustration services include:

  • Our book illustration services include: -
  • Book cover service
  • Comic book service
  • Children’s book service
  • Textbook service
  • Picture book service
  • Training Manual service
  • Cartoon service

CAD images colourization:

Our CAD image colourization services include –

  • CAD Rendering service
  • Geospatial service
  • CAD conversion service
  • Electrical CAD service
  • Mechanical CAD service

Digital Cartooning illustration:

Our digital cartooning illustration services include

  • Cartoon sketches illustration service
  • Adobe illustrator illustration service
  • Digital version illustration service

Fashion illustration:

Our fashion illustration services include

  • Fashion figure illustration service
  • Technical flat illustration service
  • Fashion flat illustration service

Medical illustration:

Our medical illustration services include

  • Surgical illustration service
  • Dental illustration service
  • Veterinary illustration service
  • Anatomical illustration service
  • Ophthalmology illustration service

Product illustration:

Our product illustration services include

  • Feature highlights   service
  • Product cover service
  • Infographics service
  • Advertising service

Scientific illustration:

Our scientific illustration services include

  • Wildlife illustration service
  • Marine life illustration service
  • Herbal illustration service
  • Molecular illustration service

Sports illustration:

Our sports illustration services include

  • Sports illustration for automobile service
  • Advertising sports illustration service
  • Sports gear illustration service

Storyboard illustration:

Our storyboard illustration services include:

  • Story Structure service
  • Concept design service
  • Blocking service

Benefits of outsourcing illustration services to peacock outsource solution:-

  • The Peacock outsourcing solution works with authors and publishers-

As we work with authors and publishers because of that our tone and style matched with the focused audiences.

  • The Peacock outsourcing solution works on latest illustration software-

Our team of illustrator worked on the latest software and updated herself with the latest tools and technology to provide the best illustration result to the customer. Our every computer is equipped with latest graphic designing software to Adobe suite and Corel suite.

  • The Peacock outsourcing solution is strict adherence to timeliness-

As we believe that the time is money. So, to understand the importance of time we deliver before the project deadlines. As we understand the repercussion of not delivering the project/assignment on time.

  • The Peacock outsourcing solution team is highly motivated-

As our team is highly motivated it to provide the best service of illustrating. We have highly skilled and year of an experienced illustrator who knows how to cater a client need.

  • The Peacock outsourcing solution has a proven track record-

We provide 100% originality in our work we have a proven track record of our customer. Who are satisfied with us for our services.

  • The Peacock outsourcing solution provides the best economic and cost-effective pricing-

Our main motto is too satisfied the customers, so we provide a cost-effective price for our services. And one of the most important reasons for effective pricing is not only the quality but the price also that why we get a repeating order from our customers.