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File Format Conversions

File format conversation is a conversion of one file format to another file format it is a complex and time-consuming process. Shortage of time, resources and large no of file formats and absence of tools and resources that will make the file format process problematic. So it is better to outsource the file format service to the organization who have a proper blend of software and manual procedure in order to ensure a better conversation.

Our file format conversation services include

  • InDesign to PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint to InDesign
  • Word to InDesign
  • InDesign to Word
  • PDF to InDesign
  • OCR Conversion from & to : PDF, Word
  • XML Conversion from & to : CSV, Excel, XSD, HTML, PDF
  • HTML Conversion from & to : PDF, PSD, Word
  • Excel Conversion from & to : PDF, XML
  • Book Conversion
  • Data Extraction From image
  • Data Extraction From Paper
  • PDF Conversion
    • PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint
    • PDF to JPG
    • Print to PDF
    • ePub to PDF
    • Docx / Doc to PDF
    • HTML to PDF
    • Scan to PDF
    • PDF to Text, OCR

The benefit of outsourcing file format conversation services to Peacock outsourcing solutions are:

  • We have a team that can carry a wide range of file format conversation service for a various file format that can help you convert you file with less time and great accuracy.
  • By outsourcing to peacock outsourcing, you can definitely reduce the operational cost.
  • By outsourcing file conversion services to peacock outsourcing solution, you can stay assured of the privacy & security of your data.
  • The peacock outsourcing pricing model is highly flexible and that can be suited to everyone needs
  • We give utmost importance to quality and deliver the projects timely.