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DTP / Data Entering

Best DTP (Desktop Publishing)

DTP is one function that can be easily outsourced. It is a process of creating and publishing a document using page layout skills on the desktop. As DTP required a software purchase so outsourcing DTP will reduce cost reduction. Our desktop publishing team are well trained and experienced. As the effective utilization of DTP service, one can increase productivity.

Our DTP services can be used for the creation of the following:

The DTP services in peacock outsourcing solutions are:

  • Text formatting
  • Desktop publishing and typesetting
  • Layout designing
  • Creation and editing of technical copy
  • Multilingual desktop publishing

The benefit of outsourcing DTP services to Peacock outsourcing solution:

  • Assurance of quality
  • Cost reduction
  • The appearance of page layout improves
  • Value-added service
  • Specialized project management